Who's the Artist?

Here in Cincy, we have a great Contemporary Arts Museum.

Every few monthes they completely change every exhibit in the building. Its pretty cool. They always have a big opening party and members get to check out the new stuff first.

So last night, we walked into an exhibit that speaks directly to us crafters. Its called the Paper Sculpture. They asked 29 artists to design paper sculptures that the attendees would cut out, put together, and display on the walls. The whole concept being are you or the designer the real artist.

I LOVE it. What a great statement.

After visiting, you quickly can answer that question by the multitudes of creations that are inspired by the designs. There was paper gloves, masks, houses, toys, all sorts.

We crocheters are pretty darn crafty, and I know, that whatever design I create, you guys will improve. It may be in color, or it may be in embellishments. All I know, is that I LOVE seeing what you create from my initial design. Its totally inspiring to see your tiny work, transformed by another's touch.

All I can say is that these designers, must be very happy people today to see what the public can do with their inspiration.

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