Design Fight

There is a debate going on at RE. Design which I find fascinating.

Can two separate designers come up with the same design?

Check out these two light fixtures. They look similar. Is one a copy of the other, or are they just two independent ideas that happen to be similar.

Here is more discussion at Inhabitat.

I think about this all the time in crochet design. Even though there are tons and tons of stitch patterns, they can be pretty similar. And really, in fashion design, there are alot of different kinds of tops, like boleros, cardis, shrugs, sweaters, ect. But is there an infinite amount? No. So do I think its possible for 2 designers to be inspired to do the same design, sure. Does it sound kinda strange? Oh yeah.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

I think its possible for two designers to come up with similar designs. But it should be pretty rare for it to happen. I know theres people out there just wanting to get their hands on other peoples designs before being copywrited. All designers can do is keep their mouths shut. maybe coming up with lock sketchbooks like those diarys with little locks, but that might be going too far. I guess you should just trust your gut.

Amy O'Neill Houck said...

That is fascinating, but it seems that the designer who was infringed is handling it the wrong way, by making it a public blog fight...