NiceKnits Keychains and Giveaway

NiceKnits Keychains
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If you stop by the CGOA national convention this weekend, you can come on by (booth 419) to register for our free give-away and... pick up one of these keychains.

Keychains have enough yarn to hook up a swatch or a square, that you can use to donate to a charity, like, Warm up America! Pretty Cool. We give you the yarn- you hook up some squares- you donate it to a worthy charity. And in a nutshell that's what NiceKnits is all about.

NiceKnits.com gives you tons of ways to get invovled in charities. It has links to charity knitting and crocheting groups, information on how you can made your own group, or even patterns that the proceeds go to charities.

Oh and that giveaway- We'll have patterns, a brittany hook, and plenty of yarn all free to one lucky attendee.


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