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Here's my entry into the silent charity auction at CGOA's national conference next week. They are going to raise money for breast cancer research.

I'm pretty happy with how it came out.

While you are at it, go check out Lisa's.


NiceKnits' Bras raised 100$ for charity and we are very proud to have been apart of the fun event. Living Beyond Breast Cancer got over 800$ from the auction. Very cool. Plus, yours truly tied for first place in the people's choice award. Granted I thought I came in third and was very happy even to place, b/c there was some amazingly creative bras. But Lisa and Amy set me straight, which is such an honor to be recognized. THANK YOU ALL WHO VOTED FOR ME! Also, for those of you who did like the bra/ cami. I will be designing a similar one for CrochetMe's Fall issue. Stay posted.


Sheila said...

Ohh you did a fantastic job... and love the color.

Lisa said...

ooh la la!

Pam said...


Leigh said...

Ohh, lovely top! It's great to see sexy crochet. :)

Amy O'Neill Houck said...

that's gorgeous!! I can't believe I'm going to miss the auction--you did a beautiful job.

Lisa said...

ooh! look who won 1st place in the people's choice award! That's right! it was Robyn!!! (Well, technically she tied for first!) Bravo! Or should I say brava!