Wabash Bridge Convertible Shawl

Inspired by the diagonal bracing of the old Wabash Bridge in Pittsburgh, this shawl is worked on the diagonal to create its unique pattern.  Edging on shawl is essentially all buttonholes. Thus, allowing you freedom to chose where you want to button the shawl and create your own look.  Pattern includes stitch diagram of the entire panel and joining method.  Video Tutorials of the shaping and joining method. 

Stunning String Plump (CYCA #3), 100% Superwash Merino Wool, 275 yds/ 100g: Tuscan Lavender, 3 (3, 4) hanks

G/6(4mm), G/7(4.5mm), H/8 (5mm) hk or hk needed to obtain gauge

Yarn Needle, Spray Bottle Rust-Proof Pins, (8) 1” dia buttons

Stitches Used:
ch  Chain
sl st    Slip Stitch
sc  Single Crochet
dc  Double Crochet
tr Treble Crochet
dtr Double Treble
tch    Turning Chain
ch-sp   Chain Space

4 rows = 4”, 4.5”, or 5” on the vertical or horizontal edge.

Finished Size: 
Shawl is 52.5 (58.75, 65)” by 14 (16, 17.75)”. Sized for S/M, L/XL, and 2X/3X.  Shown in S/M. 

1. S/M size uses smallest hook and gauge, L/XL uses middle size hook and gauge, 2X/3X uses largest hook and gauge
2. Shawl converts to shrug or poncho by using the buttons to close the rectangle. For the shrug, button long edge to form sleeves.  For the poncho, button short edge to long edge to form neckline.
3. Project is worked on the bias (diagonal).

4$, PDF Download 

Fine Print: To use the PDF, you will need appropriate software such as Adobe Acrobat Reader. By purchasing this pattern, you are granted a limited license to download the pdf file to a single personal computer and to print out a hard copy of the pattern, solely for personal non-commercial use.


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