Meet Megan Granholm

If you have seen any of my crochet books with multiple designers, you will see Megan Granholm's name pop up time and time again.  She designed the Natalie Shrug in Simply Crochet and the Starburst Afghan (one of my all time favorites) in Unexpected Afghans, Megan and I "met" when I was in desperate need of contract crocheters for my Blueprint Crochet books.  She and I have been crochet friends ever since.  Megan doesn't design that often, so I am very thankful when she takes the time to design for me!  Fleur Swing Top from Vintage Modern Crochet is one of my favorites of hers so far.  It has minimal shaping but a ton of attitude.  It floats perfectly around the body making you want to toss it on as your go-to pullover.

Fun Fact: Megan is a left handed crocheter.  Everything looks exactly the same until you go to unravel then the opposite direction from right handed crocheters unravel.

She and I got to catch up a bit this week, here's a bit of that:

RC: What is it about crochet that inspires you to design in it?
MG: When I first started designing, there wasn't a lot of fashionable, modern options. Crochet boomed in the '70s, and that was what I was still seeing out there; shapeless items made from too-thick yarn, that definitely wouldn't be flattering on me. I also come from a pretty crafty family; we were always seeing things in the stores and on TV and saying "I can just MAKE that!" and that carried over into crocheted garments: once I knew the basic stitches, I could look at anything knitted or made of fabric to inspire me.

RC: What is one of your favorite techniques in crochet?
MG: I love Tunisian. It has unique challenges that traditional crochet doesn't have, which makes it a fun challenge to design in, and it lends itself well to more tailored, almost military-style looks that are fun to make and wear.

RC: What was the last item that you made for yourself (in any craft)?
MG: I had a baby ten months ago, so the things I've made in the last two years have been mostly for her! But I do have quite a collection of scarves and shawls, as I run warm and often don't need more than one of those for most of the winter, here in temperate Oregon.

RC: What other crafts do you love?
MG: I love anything I can play with and then step back and have something tangible. Making something out of nothing is pretty satisfying!

RC: What was your inspiration behind your design in Vintage Modern Crochet?
MG: I started by drawing inspiration from the '60s mod style, kinda boxy and a-lined, and then softened it with a bit of lace. Tunisian was another draw: I wanted to show that while it works well to make dense fabric for tailored looks, it can also be lacy and feminine. And I love the combination of lace and straight lines.

RC: What is next for you?  Where can people see more of your work?
MG: I've put down my hooks in favor of a baby for now, but as soon as my hands are free I'll be back at it! In the meantime, you can look me up on Ravelry!


Kristine Mullen said...

I would love to make this for myself!

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