Quick Jewelry Gifts

Now that we are officially in the holiday season (Hanukkah starts tomorrow night- CJ reminds me every 5 mins).  I thought it was the perfect timing to show off some jewelry and accessory projects I did for Premier Yarns.  This year was very stressful on my body (little man turned out to be a BIG little man), so I concentrated on little projects versus large sweaters.  I was very lucky that Premier was looking for a collection of accessories for their jewelry yarn- perfect timing I would say!  These projects I crocheted literally days before little man joined our family.  So I know, if I say I can make these in a day (with my giant belly, feeling horrible, and huge swollen hands) I know you guys can too!  All the patterns are free and available on the Premier Yarns website.

Wrapped Ring Necklace and Earrings
Yarn: Suede Circles and Enchant
This set is for any crafty person.  Basically you wrap the yarn around craft rings (in the sewing section of JoAnns, Micheals, Hobby Lobby, etc) then secure the ends with a dab of glue.  They are connected by chaining on top of the ring.  Lastly they are jump ringed to a chain and clasp.

Medallion Earrings and Ring
Yarn: Enchant
This set used tiny craft rings and a B hook.  The enchant yarn is doubled and single crocheted around the rings.  The rings are then sewn together with gold or clear sewing thread and joined onto either earrings or a ring back.

Motif Earrings and Necklace
Yarn: Enchant
This set uses a double strand of the yarn and a D hook to crochet the motifs together.  They are then connected with jump rings to each other and a gold chain or earring hooks.

Ribbon Ring Necklace
Yarn: Spangle
This necklace is also made from craft rings.  The yarn is wrapped and knotted around craft rings with a segment of yarn between rings.  The strands are connected to a chain with jump rings.  This one is probably my favorite of the bunch.  I could definitely see myself get a lot of wear out of it.

City Chic Purse
Yarn: Starry Night and City Life
This bag is made from 3-dimensional flowers.  Each flower is made from 3 motifs.  The first set are crocheted together as you go.  Then the second and third motifs are sewn onto the base.  The bag is lined and sewn to purse handles.  This one will definitely take you longer.  I think Rebecca crocheted it in a week (and yes she does have a full time job and 4 yr old too); so us morals would probably need 2 weeks.

Getting to work on this collection of accessories really was a lot of fun.  Premier send me a bag of samples of all their jewelry yarn and basically said, have at it.  It was a fun creative challenge.  I will say that I do have a favorite of their yarns.  I know I shouldn't but I really enjoyed playing with Starry Night.  It is a gorgeous ribbon yarn, that you honestly need to do nothing to and it looks amazing.  Definitely worth checking out!

Remember all these patterns are free on the Premier Yarns website so be sure to check them out!

Looking for more jewelry by chance?  Check out all my patterns over at Ravelry.  Between Interweave Crochet, Crochet Today, and my books.  I have quite a few.  Ravelry has them all organized on where you can get your hands on the pattern.


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