Berroco Free Pattern: Innsbrook Tunic

 On Friday, Berroco Knitbits released the next crochet pattern of mine, Innsbrook Tunic. This sweater has been quite the hit with me from its first swatch.

The stitch pattern is a modified berry stitch with its arches highlighted using post stitches. The use of the post stitches transforms the stitch pattern from background to foreground and makes the arch pop off the fabric.  The greatest part is that since its still a lacy berry stitch the drape is lovely.  Sometimes post stitches can make my swatches get too bulky, but not here. Ultra fine Alpaca also does quite its share, making the sweater drape in all the right places for you.

The sweater is marked as advanced, but PLEASE do not let that stop you from giving it a go!  Honestly we marked it for an experienced crocheter just for the stitch pattern.  So give it a swatch and see what you think.  The tunic is worked in the round from the bottom to the top of the body, and then divided in 2 for front and back panels. Shaping on the bottom of the tunic and sleeves are created by adding or subtracting one chain space between each arch for a smooth transition. Stitch pattern is not altered other than this additional (or not) chain space.  So even though the schematic shows lots of shaping, the "shaping" is done by adding more or less space between the arches.  The sleeves are set-in sleeves that you seam separately.  The sleeve shaping, collar shaping, and more are all drawn in stitch diagrams to help you with every step along the sweater.

It is one of those sweaters that would look great as a tunic over leggings and tall books or shorten to fall at your hips and worn with a skirt.

I want to thank the wonderful Diane for crocheting the bulk of the sweater for me.  Over the years, I have become allergic to alpaca and her hands have really helped me more then I can say.  Plus, I think she makes neater post stitches then I do anyway.

Enough rambling, Robyn, they want the link!  Here it is.  Hope you enjoy!

Oh, and if you are interested Ashley from Berroco interviewed me for their Knitter's Spotlight series. Give a bit of thoughts behind the whole collection Norah and I collaborated on for Berroco.

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