Top Down Seamless Crochet with Doris Chan

Now this is a workshop that shouldn't be missed!  It is no secret that I am a giant fan of Doris Chan.  She is brilliant and funny and inspiring.  I am SO glad that Interweave got her to make a video workshop.   You will  see, I am sure, all the qualities I know and love in her in this workshop.  She is teaching top down sweaters which she has perfected in crochet.  I know from editing some of her work that she is brilliant in how she approaches crochet and especially top down design.  I am positive she will go through how to crochet to your body type, meaning where and when you should increase or add a short row.  She uses different color yarn to highlight each section of the yoke and body so you always know where you are.  If you have been looking for a workshop to take, I would highly recommend this one.  I only got to briefly talk about top down in my crochet sweater studio, but here you can sink into it completely and really get a great class.  I am heading over to get myself a copy now!


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Sweet Nothings Crochet said...

Doris Chan is my guru too.. I LOVE her designs.. and this is such a great video. Thank you :-)