Crochet Noro

Crochet Noro: 30 Dazzling Designs is now listed for sale at Amazon with a great peek inside the book.

You will be able to see the fantastic projects that put to rest you can't use variegated yarn with crochet.  That is simply not true will all the beautiful projects shown.

this book is pretty special to me, because not only was I able to include a design (the lace scarf shown here) but I was asked to help edit and draw for the book.  I edited 10 of the projects and drew crochet diagrams and schematics.  It was a really nice challenge to work on the project I must say.

It was fantastic to get all those projects in my hot little hands!

I can't wait to get the actual book in my hands!  There are a ton of projects from Yoko Hatta who designs all in crochet symbols which I loved editing (it was so easy).  You can tell she truly thinks about how her projects will be put together too, so many are so logical it is brilliant 


Z said...

The scarf looks really nice.

I like that. Light and very colorful.

Voie de Vie said...

I can't wait to get this book, too!

Additionally, the digital preview is up for Interweave Crochet Fall 2012. Love, love, love your cardi contribution to it!

Heldasland said...

I have pre ordered this book I cant wait. You must be thrilled