A New York Evening with me in June...

Lion Brand Studio is hosting me in a few weeks to give a little lecture and do some book signing.

I will be spouting off about cool things you can do in crochet that are totally classic/ standard stuff; but create modern and fresh results.  There will be talk about cables, motifs, lace, and Tunisian.  Honestly, I don't know exactly what I will be talking about yet but I am sure I will be entertaining to watch me fumble along.  (I mean) speak intelligently.  I will have a ton of samples from Simply Crochet and Unexpected Afghans with me for you to play.  I will say that the afghans are truly amazing, and I really want to tell the designers that their afghan got "lost in the mail" (aka are sitting on my couch) instead of returning them after the publicity tour. Below are a few of the lion brand projects I will have with me.

Hope you are free on Monday, June 18th!  See you at 6.

Emma Lace Scarf, Simply Crochet, Superwash Wool
Veledilo Afghan, Unexpected Afghans,  Cottonease
Sidney Cardigan, Simply Crochet, Cotton Bamboo
Elan Pillow, Unexpected Afghans, Vanna's Choice


Voie de Vie said...

The LB studio is a great place to hold a talk! It's a great room, and everyone in the studio is very helpful (and, of course, you'll be surrounded by all that color inspiration).

Have a great time!

Anonymous said...

What a great place to give a talk. I hope you tape a video "Tale from the Yarniverse" too. But what does Veledilo (afghan) mean? It didn't turn up on Google!

Way Out Wear said...

I so wish I could go! It would be lovely