Simply Crochet Countdown to Fun: Spa Shawl Top and Tunic

Very sadly, today is our last stop on the blog tour.  I have really enjoyed sharing with you some of my favorite people in the crochet world.  I hope you have enjoyed as well.

If you haven't been hook yet by Simply Crochet , today might just be the kicker.  I have been waiting and waiting to show you the masterpiece in the book, Spa Shawl Top by Doris Chan.  Now, you all know of Doris's genius right?  Let's pretend you have no idea who I am talking about for a second, and let me wax on about her.  

Besides being a wizard with a crochet hook, she is my guru.  Her designs run that line of modern and fresh and classic and beautiful.  I seriously have no idea how she does it.  She can take a dated doily, and throw it on its head and make it the most amazing stunning project you have ever seen.  Of course, she can manipulate complex pineapple stitch patterns and make them into stunning garments with just an extra chain or shell here and there.  I swear, it is magic.  My very very analytic brain is stumped on how she comes up with her designs, and I just stand back in awe.  

Now if you honestly have not seen her work, you need to run over and check out her books.  Then check out her line of crochet patterns online and at Tahki Stacy Charles and at Interweave.  By the time you are done, you will see what I mean.  (in looking at all her work, I fell in love with a new one.  What do you think?)

I can't wait to hear her thoughts on the project.  My directions to her was a doodle I scribbled on a note at the Crochet Guild conference.  From that, she made this beautiful feminine top.  


Anonymous said...

You are making me so excited about this book I can hardly wait to get it!!!

sajuki said...

amazing :D