Simply Crochet Countdown to Fun: Linked Jacket

Today's project, Linked Jacket; has been in my proposal rejection pile for years.  I think I first proposed this maybe 5 years ago, maybe more.  It went through 4 different rounds of rejects from all the crochet editors.  And as you know, if they can't fit it in their magazines, I use it in my books.  Seriously, nearly all my projects in all my books are rejects from proposals I did for other publications.

I never look at projects that are rejected as bad ideas, but simply as not right for the issue or book at the time.  And when I love them, I usually write a book around them.  

Enter Linked Jacket.  It is an adorable jacket that uses as little as 4 balls of yarn.  When I was calculating the yarn I would need for it, I laughed.  4 balls?  How is that possible.  I was convinced my math was off.  Way off.  Normally, women's crochet projects are always like 10 balls of yarn.  Two things work in favor for this project, one its short sleeves... that cuts off a bunch right there.  And 2, the stitch pattern is essentially a bunch of chains with a single crochet every now and again.  The stitch that uses the least amount of yarn is the chain, that makes sense; but it is tiny.  Doing a quick experiment comparing a swatch made of chains and a swatch of single crochet.  The chain one still uses 15% less yarn.  The only challenge comes in when you want to use chain stitch patterns but you do not want a lacy fabric.  This is why I love this top so much. It is just a bunch of chain spaces separated by single crochets, and when turned on their side makes a very simple fabric of horizontal lines.  Nothing too lacy, nothing that pulls funny.  Hope you enjoy!


Mary Sarah said...

I love this design!!

Craftybegonia said...

Lovely jacket. Pretty color too!

Becky said...

This jacket stopped me in my tracks. Funny right? Because an editor's loss is our gain. Thanks!