Crochet Today Jan/ Feb 2012

Preview for Crochet Today Jan/ Feb 2012 Issue is out!

I have two small projects in this issue; a scarf and necklace.

The scarf is a little doily scarf with three different doilies in three different colors. They all blend together really well, so far away they look the same, but upclose you get the joy of seeing the differences. The yarn is a lovely cotton yarn. It was really a joy to crochet. Perfect for warm weather climates and for wool allergies.

The necklace has 2 tiny amigurumi hearts. I really like the hearts without the embroidery. The inspiration was conversation heart candy, but the final piece I like more plain. I gave CT the option figuring they know what they are doing more then I do. EC is for my sweethearts, CJ and Charles. (Instead of giving our name, Chachula, Mark always gives Charles to the hostess since it is so much easier to pronounce. That and in college, we all called him Chach.) There are a ton of options for the hardware for the necklace. I like the stacking of the necklaces, but I also like placing them side by side. I think a ribbon option would be really cute too.

These projects were so enjoyable to crochet. I was crocheting them while I was editing and it was such a nice break to crochet while reading and re-writing. I hope you enjoy too!


Grateful4Crochet said...

Both are really gorgeous!!!

jahitbynadia said...

cute tiny heart!i love it..:)

crazymotheringchick said...

Oh, I was looking at the sneak peak today, and loving that scarf. Shoulda known it was yours.... it's beautiful, and the necklace is adorable as well.