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We all should love on crochet like this, don't you think?

Life has gotten a bit out of control. If you have been following my twitter account, you already know. In the last 10 days my laptop fried completely, CJ had to start nebulizer treatments for a cough, and our washing machine, garbage disposal, and dishwasher all broke in the same night. Fun times.

I thought that maybe we all could use a bit of a break. So I am having a half-off sale on all my patterns.

Autumn is my absolute favorite time of the year. Leaves changing, jumping in piles of leaves, apple cider, crisp air, and the return of crocheting with wool.. I hope you can use the sale to pick up a pattern you have been wanting to crochet. All I ask is you to enjoy it, while enjoying some of this nice autumn weather.

Sale Details:
Visit my ravelry store and pick out a pattern : http://www.ravelry.com/stores/crochet-by-faye-designs
enter the coupon code: AUTUMN at checkout
It will automatically take 50% off the pattern price. I will have the sale up for 2 weeks. Coupon only will work once.

Off to some crochet snuggles myself


Laura said...

Ooh, lovely, thank you! I loved the Floating Wrap that was published in Inside Crochet but that I couldn't get a back-issue for. Really looking forward to making it :)

KinnicChick said...

When it rains, it pours! Our car is slowly dying, but the mechanic cannot replicate the problem we are having with it, of course!

And that is one expense we seriously cannot afford and yet our car is something cannot afford to live without. And here comes winter, so dependability is a big issue. *sigh* I won't even mention MY computer...

Sorry to hear of all of the issues with your appliances and the computer. THANK you for the sale. I'm headed to your Rav site to have a peek! (and still lusting over the new encyclopedia... it WILL be in my collection soon!)

AECDesigns said...

Thanks, Robyn! I just downloaded the ones I've been wanting DESPERATELY! Like the Dream Motif Tunic and the Tusculum Cowl!