My love of mock-ups, project 1.

Mock up;

This month I started my 4th book for this year. And I totally thought by this point, I would want to stab my eyes out instead of LOVING designing yet another book. Amazing. This one is totally different from the other books I wrote this year.

Simply Crochet was kinda a sampler book on how you can crochet your heart out without breaking your bank.

Crochet Stitches VISUAL Encyclopedia was like doing a thesis for my crochet PHD (it has so much packed in there)

The third (yet to be announced) was a designer collection book that will blow all the competition in the category out of the water.

This book is back to Robyn (as I am seeing it.). Basically crochet projects that I like crocheting, with tips and techniques that I use when I crochet. That said, I am being very picky on exactly what is going in the book. I am taking WAY to long to design each project because I am trying to make them all perfect. (that is not Robyn)

It took me FOREVER to pick out colors this time, and I am still fighting with myself on some of them. And some arrived perfect as I knew they would. Here's a pic of 3 different projects.

Yesterday, I broke though and finished the first project (of 8) for my next milestone. I had to make a mockup to get the measurements exactly right. And remembered how much i love mockups. (a mockup is a quickly cut out version of the schematic size... you can see how quick above) I make my crochet mockups with lightweight fleece or heavy flannel. I want them to "stick" to other clothes and be thicker to mimic, sort of, how crochet fabric behaves. Using knit or cotton fabric for the mockup never gives me the results I need, after I drape it on Susie. The mockup for this first project was fantastic. I draped it and saw the front looked good, but the back hung all funny. It was invaluable. It saved a lot of ripping and re-crocheting later. I almost hugged Susie for modeling. Actually, before I crochet a sweater for myself I make a mockup. Nothing better then to see what it looks like on me before I crochet, so I can make changes if I want.

Now to get moving on project 2.

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Sara said...

Mock-ups are such a brilliant idea! This is such helpful advice for aspiring designers such as myself. Thanks for sharing your tips and tricks! :-)