encyclopedia preview

encyclopedia preview
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Moving at a snail's pace, I am getting there on the encyclopedia. All the stitch patterns and technical stuff is written; and all the swatches are turned in and photographed. Just down to reviewing edits (since we are on a crazy schedule I am getting them next week- usually I see edits like 3 months after I turn in a book) and writing an introduction.

Since I am currently reviewing the last edits on Simply Crochet, before the book designer does her magic and lays out the book to make it pretty, and am writing another secret book which was due (oh 3 weeks ago); I have NO brain power left. I usually like to write intros last so I can summarize everything in case I decide to go in a different direction while writing the book. In this case, I am kicking myself.

I do have the book cover now too I can share, which is super fun too; and a few more peeks at the patterns (once I can coral CJ and upload the photos). Hope you all have been doing great. I feel so out of it, since I have only been either working or taking care of CJ.


Anonymous said...

it looks like a huge huge amount of work!!!

Tiffany said...

I'm so excited for this book. I love how you choose colors. It will bring the stitches to life!

Richard Rose said...

Looks like another book to put on my wish list.