BBC Tour Stop: Susan Anderson

I am blushing ear to ear from today's stop on the blog tour for Baby Blueprint Crochet.

Susan Anderson is definitely a woman in the industry that I admire. We got to meet while I (and Marly) were helping Candi prep guests for interviews in the Season 3 of Knit and Crochet Today. I was super pregnant at the time and I knew that I would never be able to be on camera (they were not taping the demos for a few months); but I love the
show so much I wanted to help out. We were just being assistants for the day, and throughout the day we got to me so many idols it was amazing. But I never imagined that any of them would remember who I was!

Susan was one of them. I am sure you have seen her work. The Itty Bitty series of books she does is fantastic. Knitted baby toys, hats, etc that are not only adorable but fun too. What you may not know is she is the woman behind the Spud and Chloe line of yarn. That yarn that I have been talking about non stop since I got my hand on some at a TNNA a few years ago. It is a totally washable kid friendly yarn that comes in sock, worsted, and chunky weight. The colors are anything but baby as they are bright and just what you would expect from Blue Sky Alpaca. Not only that, but the marketing of the yarn is genius. From the patterns, to labels, to ads, to packages, all make you adore how special the yarn and company are. If you haven't seen it at your local yarn store, ask them to check them out. They will not be disappointed.

As you can see, I totally have a crush on everything Susan does. And this is what is so funny about the industry, she is so nice to not only post a review and giveaway on her website. But she actually loved the book. Which I take so personally since I think it was partially her yarn for why some of the projects came out so great. Go read her review and try to snag a copy, you will see why I am blushing and need to give her a huge hug the next time I see her!


Laura T said...

I found your blog by way of Susan Anderson. Yep she is great. I'm really interested in your book as I'm a fairly new crocheter (knit a little bit better than crochet) so this book looks amazing! I'm hoping to win a copy from Susan!! Those bibs look really cool - I have 11 total grandchildren and 2 new ones this past spring and I'm sure more to come so those would be really fun to make. The boots are really cute!
Laura T

Stacey said...

I hear you... I have a crush on her, too! LOVE the spud & chloe line, as well!