BBC Tour Stop: Go Crochet

First up on our tour of the blogosphere is Go Crochet with Ellen Gormley.

Ellen and I both were crochet designers in Cincinnati. Funny in the 5 years we were there I think Ellen and I only managed to get to together twice. Which is such a shame, since I love Ellen. Besides having great advice for small business women, she is a working from home mom as well (also married to an architect). Which is actually how we met, not through the crochet world but through architecture. (Co-workers of Mr CBF were good friends with them- weird how it all can happen).

Anyway, Ellen and I share a love of motifs. Her motifs are beautiful incorporating both amazing style and stitch work with great color palettes. Her new book coming out in May will let us peek into her design studio of motifs. I know I can't wait!

Be sure to stop on by her blog today and see what else she has been up to. She is giving away a copy of the book, too!


Unknown said...

Thanks Robyn! You're kind words have made my day.


Spundun said...

Sounds fab, off to investigate....