Countdown to Baby Blueprint: Joni Jumper

The Joni Jumper had 2 inspirations. One was my favorite jumper CJ had when she was 3mths old. And two is our niece, Joni, who besides being just the cutest girl we know is adorable too. When I think dresses, my brain always goes to something that you can run and play in. I just never think of clothes that you only wear on special occasions. So for CJ, she probably wears a dress every other day; but paired with leggings and sneakers so she can toggled and play.

The Joni Jumper is that kind of dress. One that in the summer you can run around in with sandals on and in the winter with long sleeves and leggings. Besides the style, I also designed it so that it is super easy to put on with the two large buttons at the shoulders. It's a pop over the head and away she can run.

The yarn is Provence by Classic Elite; a classic cotton that can take tons of wear and still look great.

The dress was crocheted by Brett as a baby present to us, which again was super appreciated since my hands were so limited. I crocheted the collar and motif.


Anonymous said...

Thanks again for naming this jumper after our girl. We are honored; it's so cute!

Unknown said...

It's so cute baby jonyprint jumper of kids for winter. The Joni Jumper is that sort of dress. One that in the mid year you can circled in with shoes on and in the winter with long sleeves and stockings for this reason. I love this dress...

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