Countdown to Baby Blueprint: Greenie Diaper

Back to necessity with our project today.

When CJ was still not with us, we decided we would give cloth diapering a try. We figured if we hated it we would just switch to disposable. We really did not like the thought of so much waste going to the landfills, but also new that we would be new parents and it might be too much for us. Well, since we were going to be a bit non committal, we decided to make a bunch to test out before we invested in actual cloth diapers. Hence, where this pattern comes into play.

I wanted something that I could whip up fairly quickly and cheaply for a cover. Plus, I wanted it cute enough in case I just used them to look cute and not for function.

Again, I designed it while I thought CJ was a boy, and was all into the retro feel of the denim and red. The textured stitch pattern is to be soft on the bum while creating a very solid fabric.

In the end, we love cloth diapers and invested in some professionally made ones as well. It is nice for us that we have lots of variety. Keeps a very boring task a bit more interesting when you get to pick out a fun new pattern each time.


Jacomina Rizzardi said...

I really like the look of this soaker, the stitch pattern is interesting & looks like it would have the right thickness for this purpose...and I LOVE that modern cloth diapering is getting enough recognition that patterns like this are available in published pattern books (instead of having to hunt for them on the internet).

But...ummmm...is that cloth diaper cover sitting on a pile of 'sposies? Not such good staging, especially with all the super-cute fitted cloth diapers out there...

Robyn said...

You are right, Sada. They decided to photo it with a disposable to reinforce that it is still cute even if your baby does not do cloth.