Countdown to Baby Blueprint: Froggie Blanket

Tunisian is a crochet love of mine from the beginning, really of crafting. The book originally had a few Tunisian projects, but due to space we had to cut them all but this one. Which is a bummer for sure, but we didn't cut out the info on Tunisian Symbols so that is a plus.

I really think the stitch pattern of the blanket really makes the background pop. Since it is Tunisian, the fabric is really drapeable; not like it would be if we were making it out of spike stitches. The froggie himself is a quick little crochet that you sew on when you are finished. The border is just rounds of dc and sc with a little embroidery in there too.

I had help with this one. Megan crocheted the blanket for me and I only crocheted the froggie. It was such a huge help too since when I turned this in, I couldn't feel my fingertips anymore (from being pregnant not crocheting too much).

Yarn is Red Heart Eco-ways with a K Tunisian hook. Eco-ways is a really great yarn to crochet with if you haven't tried it before.


Unknown said...

This is a gorgeous and fun baby afghan! Love the colors!

Pinkish Blue said...

love the frog part:p