Countdown to Baby Blueprint: Burp Cloth Bib

And then we have projects that are born from necessity...

There are quite a few projects in the book that are purely for function and for good reason. Babies are wonderful, but they need a ton of stuff. And the thing that you don't know until you become a parent, is that you don't know what stuff that is until they are here. That said I wanted a couple of projects that could double uses.

Like this project, it is one part bib one part rag. It makes a great bib, since the stitches are spikes so the fabric is dense and nothing will get through. It also makes a great rag for any mess that needs cleaned. The yarn is Tahki Classic Cotton, so you can toss it easily into the wash for easy cleaning. I have ours strapped around doorknobs and the diaper bag for quick access.

I made two different straps, one lacy and one striped- just for some options.

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