Universal Yarn + Crochet

A bit of crochet inspiration for everyone today...

While walking up and down the aisles at TNNA, my eye is always drawn to the companies that have unique garments displayed especially if they are crocheted. Universal was one of those companies. Their new book, Warm Earth, by Yumiko Alexander has a number of beauties in it.

Here are a few of my favorites. Stepping Stones a open vest and Cool Breeze a simple tunic.

I really like her easy style with these projects. They are all projects that you could make and fit into your wardrobe easily. She definitely gives me a smile for inspiring me for the day. I hope you enjoy them too!


Calandreya said...

That vest is rather cute. I'll have to look for it, thank you.

Tempe Yarn said...

We, Tempe Yarn & Fiber, in Tempe, AZ, have in stock her new book (Warm Earth). Yumiko Alexander the artist who wrote the book uses our shop as her studio. drop us an email if you want to purchase a copy (tempeyarn@gmail.com)

Yumiko said...

Hi,I am Yumiko Alexander. Thank you for talking about my designs.
I love Crochet and Knittng, and wearing what I made!
I hope a lot of people enjoy leafing through the book and the design will speak to you.


Craftybegonia said...

Very cute vest.