New Book Update

Well, if you guessed that I have been silent because of the new book, you would be right! The first deadline was in the middle of September for half of the projects, which means I have been drawing diagrams everyday. This book is going to be pretty different from my other books, and I am enjoying the freedom that brings. I have been pretty silent on the content of the new book on purpose, but I will let you in on one part. This time I am not only designing and doing all the graphics, but I am editing too. No not my own patterns, but other designers. I have been having so much fun reviewing all the patterns from my guest designers as they come in, testing out their patterns, and drawing their diagrams and schematics. I love learning and expanding my skills, it has been a blast. So much so that I actually started a mini version of one of the projects, you can see the fabric above. Beautiful right?

So as for blogging, life is pretty boring. It is editing and drawing all day right now. As soon as I get this half all finished then I am jumping into my next book. Yes, that's #5. Now that I am full-time, I got to hop on the work as it comes right? The new new book will be again another departure for me, but as with all my work it is still crochet. Oh, and in the middle I have 7 projects due to various magazines in the next 6 weeks. Oops. That is a bit of overload. So I apologize if I am really silent for the next couple of weeks. At least, you will know that good things are really happening behind the scenes!

Hope your projects are going well!

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crazymotheringchick said...

Ah, but we are looking forward to all the great new projects. That swatch does indeed look beautiful.