Inside Crochet: Climbing Vine Vest

This design is one of those that you fall in love with the yarn and know you need to do something with. I blogged a bit about Purelife before this past spring. It is one of those yarns that just surprises you. Most recycled mill end yarns just do not work well in crochet, the fabric become so stiff and it is way too hard to block out. But this yarn does not, mainly because of the silk and viscose in it.

Since I wanted to let the yarn shine, I let the vest be pretty straight forward. It is a simple block with a square neck line. I think the climbing vine stitch pattern is even a one row repeat (meaning you just crochet the same stitch pattern over and over- easy memorization) My favorite part is the collar and bottom edging. I love the wide solid border. It has a bit of texture too that adds those great lines in the fabric.

You can see the pattern over at Inside Crochet Issue 9. This issue has gone under a revamp, so it is worth a look to see the new layout.

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Mary Sarah said...

This is gorgeous!