New Chapter

I don't know if you have noticed, but I have been pretty quiet lately. Well, in the last week our world got turned upside down again. I mean, when we make BIG changes, we like to make a ton of them at once.

What changes?

Well, the most obvious one is that we are moving. Can you guess where? Probably only yunz'rs recognize the church to the right.

We're headed to Pittsburgh, PA.

We are really excited about the move. Mr CBF got a fantastic new job working with a friend, and we will be now just minutes (instead of hours) from a lot of our family. It will be a huge change to be so close to family, but I really think it will be great for both girls. (Yes, both CJ and Faye get spoiled by their grandparents).

But that's just half of the news.

The other major development is that I just got an opportunity which will allow me to work full-time as a designer. Which means, I will officially go into retirement for the near future in engineering. It also means that CJ will be able to be home with me at least until next June. Just that change, in only doing one job (crocheting) instead of two is huge.

But no, let's add moving to the mix too.

Needless to say, I will be stretched a bit thin for the next few weeks. Oh, yeah. I forgot the funny part. We are moving in July. Seriously, we like to do everything at once.

So, all you Pittsburghers here we come. We are looking at lots of different areas close to downtown to live, if anyone has a suggestion we would love to here it.

More on that big "opportunity" once I have signed on the dotted line as it were.

Now back to figuring out how to finish my current workload and get the house ready to sell.


Unknown said...

Congratulations! We'll miss you in Cincinnati, but know that Pittsburgh will be a fantastic place for you all to grow. Thank goodness for email!

Me said...

Robyn--Congrats! Is it selfish of me to be happy that you'll be designing full time?? I love your work. You rock! :) I know that these changes will be a blessing for you, too--getting to be there more for the kids, getting to reconnect with family, etc. Enjoy this exciting time!!

Maddalena said...

Congratulations!!! How opened you are to the changes...I'd be terrified, changing house, city, neighborhood...but now I live near my family, for me it would be to go away.
And good luck for new job ;)

Anonymous said...

I guess you took the "go big or go home" thing to a new level. Congrats! I'm soooo excited you'll be designing full-time, I'll have lots of really cool projects to look forward to. (no pressure!)

Amy said...

As a selfish Pittsburgher, I'm going to say yay! It will be so wonderful to have your here, especially if that means having you teach classes locally!

I started to leave a really long comment about my neighborhood, but I'll just send you an email instead. :-)

Basinah said...

Yay! How wonderful for you. I hope that things go smoothly for you and your family. Great news on your new oppertunity as well, it must be fantastic to get to do something you love as a job. Good luck!

SAM said...

So exciting to be close to family. As a grandparent I know how fabulous it is to be close to those precious babies. Congrats also for the full time design gig. You've worked so hard for this moment. Talent + hard work always pays off!

See you in Columbus?

Marcy said...

I grew up about 50 miles from Pittsburgh, but as an adult I lived in the city for 5 years. I lived in Bellevue, and I have a preference for all the northern areas.

Stay away from the Hill District if you value your life. Cabbies won't even go there. There are parts of the North Side you don't want to be, either.

Piper's Pub in the South Side has really good bangers and mash.

There are lots of great yarn stores. There's so much to do there. The Carnegie Museum is great. Oakland has great Indian restaurants, too.

You're Jewish, right? Check out Squirrel Hill. That's the Jewish neighborhood in Pittsburgh.

One thing about Pittsburgh: the way you get TO someplace and the way you get BACK HOME are two completely different routes. Learn to navigate around Pittsburgh, and you'll be able to do anything.

Good luck!