Starry Sneak Peek

Here is a quickie little sneak peek of my next design for you.
It will be published in a fall magazine.

I got help from Diane to crochet the panels, and I did all the fussy bits (of seaming, ribbing, and embroidery). I do that a lot so that I can see exactly how I want to describe how to finish the project. Plus, then it frees my crocheters to move onto other projects that they may want to work on more then my work.

This project has very lightweight fabric due mostly to the stitch pattern. I know it looks like simple double crochets, which is what I wanted. It is really not that exciting, but the little trick to make the fabric light and airy I will have to share with you when the pattern is published.

I am still slugging through book edits, finishing some more magazine projects, and taxes. My inlaws are coming in this weekend for Easter, and I am hoping they can entertain CJ for a bit so I can make some headway. She just adores visitors so I am sure they will have fun just talking to each other.

Hope you all have a crafty weekend!

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Anonymous said...

I'm so excited to see this and to find out how you make it light and airy. That's the one thing I don't like about crochet sometimes is that is feels really heavy. It looks awesome! Have fun with the inlaws!