Hat Trick

I just got an email that all 3 of the designs I proposed in one submission all were accepted. It is the first time that every one of my project ideas were all accepted for one publication. Hat Trick!*

This is another nutty week for us. I thought last week was nutty with all the paperwork, but then remembered that if you do paperwork for a week your designing will need to catch up too. I have 2 woman's garments going on right now, final edits to the new book, and proposals for new projects. Or at least I think that is all. It is hard to keep my head on straight these days.

Here is a sneak peek at a design I turned in a bit ago. It was a nail biter. Down to the wire on finishing. As everything is in my world these days. Speaking of, need to run back to editing while I still have a few minutes left on naptime.

*for you Hockey Fans, you know that when one player gets 3 goals with in one game its a hat trick. And you have to throw your hat on the rink to celebrate. Or at least that's what Mr CBF says- he is a Pittsburgh Penguins super fan. He knows what a double crochet is, so I know what a hat trick or off sides are.*


AECDesigns said...

Gah! Such a tease, showing just one corner of the piece!

Susan Wike said...

Ok, I got turned down on my first crochet design piece that I submitted. Very depressing. I'm keeping the faith, though. I think I need to submit to an organization that is as open to crochet as it is to knitting!

Cindy said...

Oh that is a tease! Love the color AND the corner though. LOL

Yarndancer said...

Well done on your hat trick!!

Anonymous said...

I definitely know what a hat trick is - I'm a hockey fan all the way... So good for you!