Adopt a Designer: Kristin Omdahl

First up in this new series, is someone that I truly admire. She creates works of wearable art in my opinion. The way her mind comes up with new crochet ideas is completely inspiring to me.

Kristin Omdahl
styled by kristin

Kristin does it all. Mother, crochet and knitwear designer, tv personality, blogger, author, teacher. Her designs truly are nothing that you would have ever seen before.

You can see her latest work in Tahki Stacy Charles new collection, Tahki Yarn City Crochet Collection. It is a booklet with some of the best crochet designs I have seen in a while. Kristin's shawl wrap is the cover project.

Her new book comes out soon titled, Crochet So Fine, and you can pre-order a copy at Interweave today. Just look at that cover. Doesn't it make you want to run out and learn how to crochet like that?

She is truly a gift to the crochet world. Her work is beautiful and inspiring.

Thank you for everything you do, Kristin!

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Yarndancer said...

Oh my, I want that book!! The cover project looks amazing!

I love Kristin's designs, she's so talented and comes up with great ideas!