Adopt a Designer: Julia Vaconsin

I first noticed our next designer while flipping through Interweave Crochet. I usually can spot a designer's project pretty quickly, since we all seem to have our own unique style. When I first spotted, Julia's work, she made me stop in my tracks. Her designs are fantastic. They are always incredibly wearable and make you take a double take to say, "Wow, is that crochet?". I just love that feeling as a fellow designer, when another person's work makes me stop and smile. It just makes my day. And that's what Julia Vaconsin's work does.

Julia Vaconsin: www.juliavaconsin.com
Mother of three (and just like me recent arrival this past fall- so super busy with baby), crafter (her sewing skills make me jealous, b/c her brood let her have time to sew), and fantastic designer.

If you have picked up an Interweave Crochet in the last year, you have probably seen her designs gracing the cover. In fact she's had as many covers as most veteran designers have their whole career. And she just started working with Interweave in 2008. You can see what I mean by her Fall 2008 yoke sweater. Now doesn't that look store bought knit. Incredible.

Julia is great because she has patterns published over the pond and here in the states. She has patterns for sale and patterns for free. The mittens are for sale on her website.

My only wish is that there was a time warp machine, and that she could have it. So that she would have time to write a book, because I know for sure the crochet world would adore it.


Banana Moon Studio said...

I also like Julia Vaconsin's work and I also LOVE your new header. It's awesome!

natalie said...

I have those mittens in my queue on Ravelry! Love the new look on the blog - the header is so clever.

Yarndancer said...

She's a fantastic designer! I actually have a few of her patterns queued (and just went off and queued a few more!)