Adopt a Designer: Ellen Gormley

Next in our Adopt a Designer series is someone that I really admire. She not only works hard at designing and publishing, but she volunteers to keep the industry moving forward. She is my savior with the professional development program over at the Crochet Guild. And she is a Cincinnatian just like us. Let me introduce you to...

Ellen Gormley
Go Crochet

Ellen is a mother, designer, teacher, volunteer, and soon to be book author.

Ellen and I met in a really funny way. I was at a wedding and chatting to a guy on my right. He asked what I did and I said, "I'm a structural engineer and a crochet designer." And he said, "Oh, our good friend does that." I looked at him like he was nuts, since how often do you meet someone that knows the difference between knitting and crochet and that knows another working crochet designer. But he was completely right. Right after that, I got Ellen's email from him, and sent her a note; mainly because I always think it is funny when things like that happen. We met for coffee, and I knew immediately that we would be good friends. We share the love of all things fibery, and how can you not connect over that?

I first noticed Ellen's designs in Crochet Today. She made these beautiful afghans that made me wish I had more time on my hands. I loved her play with color as well. It has been a joy to watch her lately. The designs she has been publishing recently are just adorable. (Check out the little girl's dress to the right, it was published in Crochet Today March/ April.) Which brings me to mention her book again, with her on such a designing tear, I really can't wait to see her book next spring. You can catch up on that and other crochet tidbits on her blog.

Speaking of, she had this great link to a Today Show's interview with a knitting designer. They truly captured what I am getting at with Adopt a Designer series. Designers design for the love of designing, not for the income, we make very little to live on. Luckily though, we love our work and makes us rich in joy.


Annie said...

Amen to that last line. "Will design for health coverage..."

Unknown said...

Thank you, Robyn, for such a nice post! Because designing has such little to offer in terms of financial rewards, a simple recognition from a respected peer or grateful consumer is gem to be treasured. Thank you, my friend.

Banana Moon Studio said...

Yay, for my two favorite designers, Robyn Chachula, and Ellen Gormley! speaking of Adopt A Designer, I bought "Blueprint Crochet" this weekend. My husband asked me if there was one pattern in particular in the book that I wanted to make. I looked at him in silence for a moment and then said "All of them." What a great book Robyn!