Adopt a Designer: Annie Modesitt

Continuing in our series on supporting fellow designers is a woman who single-handedly is changing the game for all working professionals. She is a force, and some one that I am proud to call my friend. I just adore her, and I know you do too.

Annie Modesitt

Annie is a mother, author, amazing teacher, designer, voice of our industry.

She is someone you can not just help but love. She speaks the truth and makes no bones about it. All while designing some of the most recognizable knit and crochet. (Like the Trellis Shrug on the right from Crocheted Gifts) Speaking as a sleep deprived mom, I truly have no idea how she has the energy to do it all and I really admire her.

Annie is without a doubt the best teacher I have ever taken a class from. Her energy and love of knitting and crochet sing through her classes. I mean years after I have taken the class, I still remember how to cable without a cable needle (and that's with only knitting here and there throughout the year). Which brings me to mention, if you are ever in the area that she may be teaching, run to sign up! She is just that awesome. Plus, now she is doing online classes too. Trust me they will be worth every minute to learn from this amazing designer and my good friend.

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Miriam said...

Hi Robyn - I have really liked this group of articles on other designers. When I get a new crochet magazine, I always go look up the designers if I'm not already familiar with them. By now, I have a list of my favorites, who I tend to follow online too.