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I have been meaning to write for a week now. Amazing how time flies around here lately. Any nursing mom I am sure knows the secret to how time flies by. Here's what our days look like lately.

5am- up to nurse and back to nap for an hour or so
8am- up to nurse, then CJ plays while I swatch/ run through the shower/ do laudry and dishes
11am- back to nursing, Cj gets a bath, and if we are lucky a nap, I get about an hour to an hour and half to write
2pm- nursing again then CJ tummy time and book time, walk if weather is good, and once she is back a sleep I get another hour to write
5pm- nursing again, then CJ playtime while I make dinner and do some more chores
8pm- nursing again, then hand off CJ for daddy time, and I can write or crochet
1030pm-nursing one last time and bedtime for all.

So in a typical day around here, I get about 6 hours of work (and me) time. You will notice I have not mentioned anytime for email or Ravelry. Yup, I still haven't figured out how to fit that in. Sometimes I can check my email and such while I am nursing, but I haven't been able to write back long emails. (so if you have emailed or Rav mailed me, you now know why I am so short if I do get a chance to write back or why I never have written you back.)

My goal for the rest of the year is to simply take care of CJ and finish this book. I am doing ok on the book, which is amazing to me. I have 2 more garments and 5 more accessories to design and crochet. Not to bad since that means 18 other projects are all written and either being crocheted or are finished.

What has been really wonderful the last few weeks has been getting really into designing again. I get so excited about every new design i am working on, and I just love that. There is nothing better then enjoying the design phase. And i am. This swatch is what i am currently designing for the book. And I am loving it. Granted 2 days ago I was in love with crochet colorwork, and a week ago a tunisian project, and a month ago a lightweight lace, and on and on.

Speaking of, I am going to get back to this cable. I love it too much to be away from it for long.


Anonymous said...

I think that's amazing, that you can actually design in the midst of all that. I'm still adjusting to my new baby and trying to get back to work.
Doesn't CJ wake you up at night, then?

Robyn said...

we are actually very lucky that now at 11 weeks she will sleep for about 5hrs. it takes a little while after her last feeding to go to sleep, but once she does she is out.

kristi said...

Relatively speaking, it sounds like CJ's giving you the gift of sleep (for her and for you!).

As she gets older you'll be able to multi-task while she nurses -- heck, I remember that being the only time I was ever getting anything done! Nursing and typing one-handed. Or knitting with a dozy, nursing baby in my lap. At least I was sitting down!

But enjoy it. It's very all consuming, but I really do miss those times. I'm taking my oldest out to shop for a dress for her first school dance today. Hard to believe how time has flown since those days of holding her in aching arms and watching her sleep!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I am so jealous you can get anything done! I feel like I'm nursing my three month old all the time and she's slowed down quite a bit!

Unknown said...

Amazing how much time you can spend feeding those little newborns isn't it!

I LOVE that cable pattern you are working on! It would make such a perfect little owl pattern!

Julie (not Jim despite what the google account name says)

Jocelyn Sass said...

It amazes me that you even have time to crochet, let alone designing for a book! Good luck with finishing up your other projects for the book!

TheHMC said...

As a mom of 5 and having nursed previously, I know all too well how fast the day can go by and how little can get accomplished. Sounds like you have a good routine going though! You'll find a bit more time on your hands as she gets bigger. The babies and toddlers consume a lot of time, but once they become more independant, watch out lol!

Anonymous said...

I love reading about your life with baby. I breastfed my baby girl too and it helped create a wonderful bond between us, along with a healthy happy confident girl. I just finished one of your designs from Blueprint Crochet for her: She is now 20 and a CollegeGirl. Long story short: Cherish the time while CJ is little and the center of your world. It goes by so fast and is one of the most important times in her life.

PS My daughter Lily is also a crocheter!