Mommy Crochet Life

In my 4 short weeks of being a new mommy, I have quickly learned that doing anything with two hands is a total luxury.

So here's my short list of what I now can do one handed (while holding a sleeping CJ in the other):

-wind a hank of yarn- of course with a swift and ball winder while sitting down and CJ over my shoulder.
-drawing crochet schematics- with a portable mouse when little miss is nursing
- typing- leaning back with pumpkin sleeping on me

I still haven't figured out how to nurse and crochet yet. But everyone has to have a goal right?

We're doing really well over here, esp compared to all our challenges. Well, my challenges. For the first 2 weeks I was dealing with complications from the surgery. Following week, CJ didn't sleep while we tried to figure out what in my limited diet was upsetting peanut. And this week I got sick with a fever and chills while solo parenting. But even with that rocky road, we are happy and getting healthy over here. We have received some wonderful gifts that I can't wait to show off.

Hope you all have been having a crafty fall!


Jess said...

My son was born just a few days before CJ, so I feel your pain! I have figured out how to type with him on my lap/chest, and I can crochet with him on my lap/chest if it's a fairly simple project and I don't have to read the pattern at the same time. I can't do anything while nursing except reading a book, but I'm learning! Now if only he would sleep in his crib during the day instead of only on my chest!
Congrats, and good luck on your mommy journey!


Tiffy McN said...

You'll get there. Crafty use of pillows is the key.

Anonymous said...

Its essential to be able to crochet while nursing :-)
I had a giant nursing pillow filled with those small plascticbeads/pills. "Look no hands!" - voila! Good luck :-)

erin said...

I've been nursing/pregnant for 10 years and I can't sit still and nurse without doing something! One of the reasons I started crocheting and no knitting is because I didn't want to poke the baby with the needles! A hook is much safer.

When the baby gets a little bigger she'll lay across your forearms while she nurses and you can crochet behind her head. I used a nursing pillow to prop them up and it was easier that way...a nursing pillow and a chair with two arms on it works the best.
The key is getting everything together BEFORE you sit down...the worst is sitting down, starting nursing and then realizing you have the wrong size hook.

Unknown said...

Thanks for posting on your progress! I'm glad you all are managing. The first 6 weeks are really the hardest and it will get noticeably easier each week after that.

All the best

Banana Moon Studio said...

a moby wrap is a great way to hold baby w/out hands so you can work while she sleeps on your chest. www.mobywrap.com. Congrats!

kristi said...

Good chair and good pillows are definitely the key. And remember that she'll be much better at nursing soon enough and will be able to do more of the "work" herself. Then you'll have both hands free, even if you are pinned in the mommy chair. Don't forget to pack a lunch :)

Brett Bara said...

Glad to hear you are recovering and having fun exploring new territory! Lots of love to you all! xoxo

Tequitia said...

I agree with April, a moby wrap or something like it will change your life. I have four children, I didn't get it until my 4th child. I kept thinking I could have saved myself a lot of heartache if I had it from the start of motherhood! Some people can nurse with the wrap, never got good at that.