Sneak Preview: New Book 8

Big week over here at CBF Headquarters.

Half of the new book's manuscript was due yesterday, so CJ and I put a big push on finishing diagrams and editing text the last few days. Now we have to turn our attention to finishing those projects and getting them to the publisher. We have about 5 that need a tweak here, button there, edging here, zipper there (type of stuff). They all are due on Monday (ship Friday) at the publisher. I am definitely surprised how long it is taken me to finish them compared to the last 2 books, but that's what you get for being in your last few days of being pregnant and trying to get a million and three things done at once.

Today's sneak preview is yet again another crocheted frog closure. What can I say? They are fun to make. Plus I really think they make the project stand out. This project is my favorite one in the book at the moment for those frogs and for the bold aqua color mixed with that dark gray green border. This book definitely has some fun color combos and this one makes me smile since it is so bright. The sample really didn't take long to crochet. About a week for me, and that's with numb fingers and all. Again, that makes me happy. I really am trying to have a number of the projects be fast ones in the book, so when it works out it is just icing on the cake.

Back to the finishing zone for me. If you follow me here, on twitter, on facebook, or ravelry; I am going to be quiet the rest of the week so I can finish these projects before CJ decides it's time to make her debut. If you have emailed me questions, it may be a while before I can respond; I'll get to you as soon as I can but I am not making any promises.

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Unknown said...

Wait until you see how slow book #4 will be when CJ is already here and toddling around. Love the sneak peek!