Sneak Preview: New Book 2

Next up in our sneak preview line up is made from classic cotton from Tahki Yarn. As you know, I am not normally a fan of cotton yarn, I prefer wool. But sometimes you just need cotton in your life, this project is one of those times. And what better cotton then something that slides nicely on your hook (no hurt hands with this yarn). In the book, there are going to be a couple of options on this project, but I am only going to show you one here. The one that I like the button the most. I don't know if it happens to you, but I get a bit obsessed with buttons. Whenever I find ones that I like I buy them, whether I have a project for it or not. It is obviously a family trait, since both of my grandmothers did it too (and I got a beautiful stash from them.) No worries, this button you can get easily at your local JoAnns.

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Anonymous said...

I just bought those exact same buttons! They didn't work for my project, but they're so pretty, I kept them anyway!