Moving Along

I know I haven't been posting each and every time I finish writing a pattern for the book, like I like to do; but I have been moving along on the book. This is not news if you follow me on Twitter. (Which my updates are pretty boring, since they always pretty much say the same thing. "Working on book project")

Even though the book is coming along, it is not moving as fast as the last one. I have about 1/4 of the patterns written, with the deadline of 1/2 of them written by the end of the month. A few things have slowed me down, like other crochet projects for magazines and such (but they do help pay the bills- so I'm not complaining). I think the thing that has slowed me down the most is CJ. My brain is just not at full power, and everything I do lately (from walking to crocheting) goes a lot slower.

Still progress is being made and that makes me happy. As does writing itself. It is such a joy to get to work on projects that I dream up with very little input from others. (don't get me wrong, I also enjoy the challenge that some editors give me. Like "can you come up with a project in X yarn" or "can you create something close to this idea I had" or "can you create a new motif by tomorrow", challenges like those are fun too since they always help me think outside of my little design box and challenge me to grow as a designer) It is just different when you get to have (almost) complete control over what you are producing and writing.

Good news is since about 1/4 of the projects are written, I should start to have some sneak previews for you soon. This time I am crocheting over half of the projects myself (in BC I crocheted about 30%), so sneak previews come a bit slower. But they will also come in bunches too, since I tend to work on like 4 projects at once; which means I finish those 4 projects all pretty close to each other. I'd say by next week I'll have a couple for you.

Hope you have been having a productive summer!

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