Setting some goals

Since my plans have changed over the last week, I spent the weekend thinking about what goals I wanted to reach in the book. I work much more productively if instead of having this huge pile of work in front of me, I can narrow my focus to one task at a time. Sometimes its not even one project, but one task within the project.

I must be a goal junkie, but I love finishing each task and getting to cross it off my list; one by one.

I set my overall goals to complete 2 projects for the book each week for the next 6 weeks. That will give me another week or so to edit those patterns, ship them off to the publisher; all way in advance of CJ (in case she decides to come really early). Plus the more I can finish, the longer I can take off from the book once she comes. I think it will be do-able, in addition , to my magazine work and volunteer work. I'm hopeful at least.

So to get the ball rolling I finished writing the pattern that goes with the swatch above today, and shipped off the yarn to my crocheter. (Thank goodness for them!) Especially since my "other work" this week is 2 tunics that I need to finish crocheting and writing. It certainly will be a busy week around here! The yarn in the swatch is Classic Elite Allegoro from the Verde Collection, if you were wondering.

2 designs finished for the new book, 23 left to write.

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