TNNA: The Goodies

As always, there was so much great stuff from the weekend. I decided to break it up into a few posts, mainly since my brain can only keep so much info in and I have been remembering events in waves.

First up: The goodies- so much yarn. This year I spent a good portion of my time just strolling for inspiration. Usually I have booths already scoped out that I need to visit, but this time I just let my eye wander and I strolled to whoever caught it first. Here's some of my favorites from the show:

1. Spud and Chloe- New line of washable yarn from Blue Sky Alpaca. I am in love with this line. Their patterns are adorable and their line looks fantastic. I can't wait to start swatching. (Plus, they are absolutely wonderful and gave me a ton to work with for the new book. I am just itchy to start winding.) I love their tag line "sweet yarns for real life". Totally for me. At this point, washable yarn is a must for how klutzy I am. You have to check them out, honestly their line is great. Plus, Amy's scarf is genius- back is just as cute as the front.

2. Kitchen Sink Dyeworks- Mercedes brainchild. Great line of hand dyed yarn. She's got great colors, plus a mission. Check out Kiva for more info. I can't wait to swatch something up with it. Oh, and Mercedes is a crocheter too- so she totally gets us. Just saying...

3. Twisted Fiber Art- Meg is the creator behind this super cool hand dyed yarn. She uses calculus to figure out the color changes, and can vary it for your project. Neat right. She also has a beautiful range of variegated and subtle colors to choose from.

4. Schaefer Yarn Company- This company has really great yarn mixed with a really cool color concept. Their yarn colorways are named after famous women in history. They let me come home with Heather in Elena Piscopia (mathematician from the 16th century), Nicole in Aung San Suu Kyi (Burmese advocate), and Lola in Indigo. Plus they are sending me Susan in Frida Kahlo to create something (hopefully) as creative as she. But come on, how cool it is to say I'm crocheting with Frida? Every hank has a tag telling about the woman behind the inspiration. I think these would make fantastic gifts to girls to inspire them to greatness in craft and in the world.

5. Pagewood Farm- While walking around with Miriam (the rock star of lace), Pagewood Farms booth caught our eye. Their colors just jumped out and were begging to be petted. The Tundra line caught both of our hands in how lovely it was to the feel. It's a camel silk blend, that looks just heavenly to crochet with. I will let you know how it turns out.

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Unknown said...

That does it. I'm staying until Monday next year. I'll miss the Fashion Show so that I can stay until close on Monday.