Surprise Baby Shower

Surprise Baby Shower
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The rock-stars of Stitch Coop threw me a surprise baby shower on Sunday Morning. I thought we were all there for a meeting (and me being the secretary- mainly since if I don't write it down- I don't remember anything) was all serious and ready to go.

Instead I spent the entire day crying in each re-telling of how sweet they all were to make handmade gifts for CJ.

She's now has rock-star made knitted socks, crocheted booties, crochet hat (by a knitwear superstar no less), and knitted washcloths. I am still so touched. Aren't they all fabulous?

Aqua Booties- Julie
Multi Moccasin Booties- Annie
Pink Slippers and Crochet Cap- Kristi
Yellow Washcloths- Stefanie
Purple Socks- Amy
Pink and Purple Socks- Andi
Camo Socks- Miriam
Multi Socks- Shannon

Thank you all again and again!


Unknown said...

It was an absolute pleasure, Robyn! You are such a radiant mom-to-be! Hope CJ is off her chocolate fix and letting you get some rest?

Julie said...

You're welcome! They were so much fun to make. Pattern credit for the aqua crocheted booties goes to Sylvia Schuchardt and her Double Strap Baby Booties [rav link]. I couldn't resist their cuteness.

Way Out Wear said...

Wow! that's wonderful! How special to be so loved - you deserve it!
Congratulations! I'm sure you received very precious items that will be cherished!

Danielle said...

aww! That's so awesome =) They're all lovely!!!