When another crochet designer takes the time to make one of your patterns, you go a bit woozy. I am blushing from head to toe at Linda's lovely Paige Sweetheart Top. I am so flattered it is silly.

If you don't know Linda, you should. She's super talented in a ton of crafty ventures, plus her new book, Crochet Adorned, looks really great (and I can't wait to see a copy!).


Unknown said...

Yes! That's the ultimate compliment! Linda does great work too.

L said...

aww, thanks! I really enjoyed making it and now I want to make something else from the book (the vest, I think!).

So far lots of customers have been complimenting it and I think I have enough rounded up to teach it as a class-- it's really nice to hear because usually I am hard pressed to convince the owner that yes, crocheters do shop at the yarn store, will buy the books and yarn, and will take the class! (even some of the knitters are interested! woo!)

Giselle said...

I subscribe to Linda's blog and after seeing the finished cardigan I ran out and bought the book. I'm itching to get started!