Anthropologie Summer Crochet Inspiration

I love anthropologie. And getting an email in my inbox with crochet in it makes me squeal.

Here's a few from their catalog.

Sunflower Sunhat

Snowflake Necklace-- (This has been in stock for a while. I actually used it as my inspiration for a project coming out in a few months)

Hooked Yarns Tee-- I love this look. If CJ wasn't on board, this would be mine.

Sundae Best Cover-Up- How great is this neckline?

Man do I love their designers. Here's a list of crocheted items they have.


Gail said...

This post has me totally inspired. (found you via Glampyre's twitter)

Michell said...

OH I love the little dress...but the $ KILLS me...I am so glad the women in my life passed on their talents with needle, hook, yarn and thread. I am inspired...now if only I had the time. *sigh*

Melinda said...

I like them showing crochet items, BUT who is making it for them? AND how much do they get for making it? It's not like knitting, using machines to produce tons of stuff for a store. Just a thought.

Robyn, you take care and Happy Mother's Day.

Unknown said...

I loved the Anthropolgie necklace. Got an upclose look at it on the company's website, and it looks like tatting not crochet. Can't wait to see your interpretation of the piece

emy said...

The sun hat is lovely!