Treasures from the Vault

As you guys know, we are in the process of cleaning and consolidating a couple of the rooms in the house to make room for the new addition. CJ is going to pretty much have full range in my current "office" (aka the spare room). Needless to say, I have been up to my eyes in sorting through old books, yarn, proposals, swatches, and more. (My cousin will attest to this since I just sent her a box of yarn full of discontinued yarn that I know I can't swatch with. Hopefully she will love the treasures.)

But speaking of treasures, hidden behind and almost wedged in to the wall was this magazine (to the right). It's McCall's Summer Crochet from 1975. I have been going back to it at least once a day.

The garments are definitely styled from the 70's, but from my view there is nothing wrong with that. Take a look at some of my favorites (to the right). All of these, with really minimal effort easily can be updated (if at all) for today.

The hooded tunic in the magazine, I think is the whole reason I bid for it on eBay. You can immediately whip that up and wear it today. It is made from fashion thread, so it could be a great beach cover-up.

The mom's and daughter's dresses also caught my eye for easy whip up and wear. Couldn't you see them being worn to the park this summer?

My new favorite is this butterfly winged top. It would definitely need to be updated, but I would keep the style the same. I think all it needs is a new stitch pattern in the center (thus getting rid of the spider motif) and a different pattern at the arms (getting rid of the suspender effect). But in general, the lightness and flowing sleeves are totally in. You could definitely find that at Antro or Free People.

I am know trying really hard, not to go on a search for more of these magazines. All I need is more, but man am I tempted!

Speaking of, I'll be offering up a ton of magazines and book on the blog here soon. Probably in the next two weeks, just in case you would be interested.


Unknown said...

Loving that mother/daughter set as well as the butterfly top. What a treasure trove you have!

Anonymous said...

I have that hoodie pattern in an old book - McCall's Crochet Treasury, I think it's called. It's so much fun to browse the old patterns, and so many of the trendier pattern books have the same garments made with more current colors and yarns. I pick up any old crochet book I can get my hands on, because you never know what you might find!

Michell said...

How pretty each item is...and how does the saying go..."everything old is new again".

Can't wait to see what other treasures you discover.
Thank you for sharing.

Three Rivers Crochet said...

Eek! I love the box of yarn you sent! Thanks so much! It will definitely go to good use. I'll be making more hats to send to Guatemala and this yarn will be perfect for that. Thanks Robyn!!

Danielle said...

ooh oooh ooh!! I'll be on the lookout for those book/mags! Thanks for sharing!!