Zany Sneak Preview

The last sneak preview I have for you this week, before I pack up the show and head to PA, is this pretty garment.

The idea is pretty standard now for my taste. A bunch of motifs connected to create cool fabric. Of course, my favorites are when the fabric created makes geometric shapes of its own that does not resemble the original granny motif. In this top, I am loving the zig-zag lines the little motifs create. It almost looks like a field of lattice with flowers stuck in here and there.

Ginny graciously helped me with this beauty. (And in record time! We had a yarn mix-up that cost us a month of work time, ouf! So she was awesome, working so hard in the time we had left.) I have said this before, and I'll say it over and over. Hug your contract crocheters! They are amazing people.

The project will be published later this year and I'll let you know more about it when I can.

With that, I am out of here. I hope to see some of you in Pittsburgh this weekend and if not maybe in Lansing next weekend. Hope you have a great weekend for crocheting!


Mary said...

I really like this.I can't wait till these are all published so I can get to work.-M

Way Out Wear said...

It is very nice and I am very interesting in seeing the whole garment. I love the lattice styling. Congrats for creating it and good luck in PA

Anonymous said...

I love this top! Can't wait to see it published. :)