Teddy Bear Sneak Preview

Teddy Sneak Preview
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Over the weekend I finished up my project in Amy's new book on Crocheting for Teddy Bears.

It's a party dress plus all the accessories. The skirt is in my fav style of granny motifs joined as you crochet. The top is in a simple stitch to set off the pretty motifs. Once I was done, Pearl (that's the teddy bear), she told me that she really needed some accessories to complete her look and I couldn't agree more. I finished out her outfit with a little hair tie and clutch. Pearl loves the outfit, and hopefully Amy will as well.

I was lucky enough to use Vickie Howell's Love for the whole project, which is just awesome to crochet. Pearl is a very cool soy made bear from SWTC. All kids that have come near Pearl have adored her, so I really recommend you check them out if you are looking for a soft teddy.

I'll let you know when Amy's book is out. I know its going to be so much fun!


Unknown said...

I can't wait to see it--thanks for using LOVE! xo, V

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing this pearl.i like making something for children
i rather these kind of toys because they re healthy

again thanks for sharing take care see u lovely

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Sharon said...

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