Scalloped Sneak Preview

If you were following my twitter or facebook feed this weekend, you know that I spent quite the time struggling with how I wanted to finish this project.

The project is a garment for a summer crochet magazine, so I was channeling fun, light, and bright for the style. My own personal taste always tends to shift to clean lines for edging, whether that's a bunch of single crochet or ribbing. This time though, I knew I did not want heavy ribbing or single crochet since I wanted the project to be as airy as possible. I knew I wanted to do some form of X-sts, because I think they are fun. I finally ended up going against my gut reaction, and added a scalloped edging. And boy, am I glad it did. It really transformed the top from uh ok, to hey that's pretty awesome. The result reminds me a bit of fancy stonework in Romanesque castles and a bit of tribal animal tracks. I'll let you know when it's available, and more about it later.

This week I'm going to be bombarding you with sneak previews. Remember how I said I was super busy? Well, yesterday I sent out 4 completed projects. (Usually, I send out like maybe one a week, so 4 in a day is a bunch). I'm very happy to have them completed. Not just because I think they turned out cute, but because now I just have to focus on 2 more projects and getting ready to teach in PA and Lansing (Feb 21 weekend). Whew. I'm finally making hay, so that's great!

A special thanks to my cousin Rebecca too for crocheting the body for me. The yarn is a cotton blend, which is not my or her favorite thing to work with; so I owe her an extra big hug!

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OO! I cannot wait to see this!