Meet Me in PA this weekend?

If you are going to be near Pittsburgh, PA this weekend; please come by the Knit and Crochet Festival and say hi!

There will be yarn stores from all over the area selling yummy yarn, as well as classes.

I'll be teaching:

Crochet Like a Pro, on Saturday 2-5pm
In the class, we learn designer tips and tricks to make your work look sensational. We discuss the joys of blocking, the ways around frogging some of the worst mistakes (like how to move a button hole, and how to cut your crochet), finishing techniques that will make your garment look store bought. We will also try out different techniques to crochet colorwork and crochet with beads.
What you need to bring: any 2 balls of plain yarn (contrasting colors) and matching hook. One Swatch of 16 hdc across by 10 rows tall. After 6 rows, crochet 6hdc, ch 4, sk 4 hdc, 6 hdc in last sts. Next row, crochet in each hdc across and 4 hdc in ch-4 sp.

Cozy Feet from the Toe Up, Sunday 9am-12
In the class, we learn the secrets of crocheting great socks from the toe up and dispel the myth that crocheted socks are only for slippers. We will practice our skills on a baby sized sock, and learn how to translate them to any size sock. Replaceable heels, arch expansions, and interchangeable cuffs are only a few of the fun tips we will discuss.
What you need to bring: one ball of sock yarn and matching hook.

After class both days, I'll be signing books and anything else you would like me to sign. I'll have Blueprint Crochet (18$) and MF Goes Crochet (15$) for sale as well as my full line of patterns. At the show, I will only be able to accept check or cash. If you want to reserve one for the show now, just email me and I'll send you a paypal invoice. (Note, this is for festival goers only. I am not selling BC or MFGC online to non-festival goers at this time).

I hope to see you there! And just remember, I like giving out gifts at my classes so you never know you just may walk home with more then crochet skills but some freebies too!


Yarn Princess said...

I wish I could be there!!! I want to learn to crochet socks so bad. I have the yarn and TONS of hooks... But I do need someone to show me.

Have a great time!

Cara said...

I'll be there, and I can't wait. I'm not signed up for any of your classes this year because I'll be busy manning my own booth as a vendor! This is my first big festival, and I'm ten kinds of excited. Stop by if you get the chance--it's the Fire Lizard Studios booth, and I'll have lots of gorgeous yarn and free chocolate!

By the way, have you seen Annie Modesitt's post about designers' rights? Go Annie!