Ringing in the New Year

Ringing in the New Year
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Hope you all had wonderful holidays! Mine were extended a bit, since I caught a bug while in Allentown and did not get home until New Year's Eve; but no harm done. I am just a day or two late getting back in action.

And speaking of action, this year is starting with a bang! Each one of those balls, represent one project. Yes that's right I have 10 projects to finish in the next few short weeks. Actually I have 6 to finish by the end of January, 2 by early February, and 2 by late February. I know, it's quite the schedule! (and the sad thing, is that I still don't have all the yarn for all the projects yet- oy!)

What are all those projects? Well, some are for magazines, one is for Amy's new book on teddy bears, and some are so secret this is the only time I will mention them (until they are released, of course!).

So I apologize early if I am a bit distracted, and you can not get a hold of me right way. I am burying my head for now in work (with a few pop ups now and then), and will return in February. Hope you are ringing in the new year with lots of crochet, joy, and love!


Unknown said...

Happy New Year! Wow, that's alot of projects! At least they are nice colors. I can't wait to see what they become.

Pyo said...

Happy new year!
Be it busy yet gratifying :o)