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My Ridge Swing Coat
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Well, instead of waking up this morning and finishing packing my bags for San Diego and TNNA, we got a little "winter present". Which was in the form of frozen pipes and a mess in the basement. Not fun, not fun at all. Needless to say, I had to cancel my flight and call the plumber. It looks like a dozy of a job over here.

The only good news is that we have heat and I have crocheting. So in between following the plumber around to find the broken pipes, I am getting some good crochet time. Speaking of crocheting time, I finished my version of the Ridge Swing Cardigan this week. It is so cold that I have been wearing it around as my house coat, which is really nice and warm. I made it a bit too big for me, especially in the back (so the arms hang down too low) but that's ok I can just wear lots of layers underneath.

I will surely miss everyone at TNNA and all that yummy yarn this time, but I am not trying to think about that and am trying to enjoy snuggling into my Ridge Cardigan.


Anonymous said...

I like the looser look of the larger Ridge Swing. Looks comfortable! What yarn did you use?

Vic-Jo-Rob said...

Don't know what is worse: Missing the conference or handling an inside flood. It's good to see that you turned lemons into lemonade.

Enjoy your time at home. I too love the looser look of your Ridge Swing. The contrast stitching is quite becoming.

Stay warm.

Unknown said...

Ugh, what a bummer for you! Are you not going to TNNA at all then? Well, you probably welcome the break from travelling. You've inspired me with your "design blitz" you had last week. I'm working on a little "design binge" of my own.

Torsonya said...

I really love it. It's great to know that it'll still look great if the gauge monster eats me.
Love your reaction to disaster mode..Awesome

Robyn said...

I used Valley Yarn's Sheffield and a H hook.

Anonymous said...

I keep fogetting to tell you how much I loved this sweater...especially while it was on your dining room...LOVED IT!